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"MANtenatal should be 'MANdatory' for all expecting dads & birth partners"

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Gordon Dowall-Potter

Hey there, my name is Gordon and I am a father of 4 children and the founder of MANtenatal. The digital platform designed exclusively for dads and birth partners.

I created MANtenatal after attending two 'traditional' antenatal courses. The courses were ok, but they never seemed to give any real focus on preparing men for the amazing and sometimes difficult journey to fatherhood. It was time to act!

MANtenatal is a fully digital platform, designed by dads and endorsed by the NHS in the UK, along with Midwives & Doula's from around the world. You get to select the course format that works for you. Do you prefer to chat live with other dads, or perhaps have a private 1:1? Some of you reading this may want to simply download the course and watch it in your own time. No matter your preference, we've got you covered!

But that is not all... when you join MANtenatal, you automatically become part of a global squad of guys who can openly talk about MENtal health issues impacting dads too. This is a safe space and nothing is taboo!

Our goal is simple... to help all fathers and birth partners be the #bestdadyoucanbe. So let's get started. Simply select the format that works for you!

Welcome to MANtenatal.

The stats tell a story

These stats show the average responses from the guys who have joined MANtenatal in 2022.


Why do you want to attend? – "Because I was told"


Biggest worry about fatherhood – "Lack of sleep"


My mantenatal goal is - "to feel more confident"


Do you feel better prepared? "absolutely"


Would you recommend mantenatal? "definitely"


Course outline


Talk about your hopes & share your concerns about fatherhood

2. Pre BIRTH

Practical tips to help you prepare for the arrival of your baby & how to support mum


What to expect - Vaginal & C-Section + your role when baby arrives

4. post birth

Bonding with your baby. Focus on MENtal health + ongoing support for dad

Pricing options

Instagram TV

Midwife Q&A's
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Dad Group live

$100 USD
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Personal 1:1

$275 USD
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The Father-Hoodie

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midwives in the uk in 2021
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avg # of days new mums stay in hospital with uncomplicated births
million babies born in the USA in 2021

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